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Fully Customized Wills And Trusts

Wills and trusts are highly personal legal documents. In a way, they tell your life story: who you love, what you care about and what you hope to accomplish. That is why every will and trust should begin from scratch.

Berry & McGehee Law Firm takes a fresh approach to the estate plan of each client. Our lawyers will take the time to learn about you and evaluate the most suitable tools for your needs. We will use your unique goals, concerns and values as the foundation of your plan through will drafting and trust formation.

A Will Is An Estate Planning Essential

By creating a will, you can accomplish a wide range of important tasks, including:

  • Specifying inheritance
  • Naming an executor, who will oversee administration of your estate
  • Naming a guardian for minor children
  • Naming a business successor
  • Avoiding the intestate probate process, which could otherwise complicate the distribution of inheritance and fail to reflect your wishes

A will may seem like a simple document, but it contains many details that are economically and personally significant. Therefore, it is critical to identify any possible weaknesses with a trusted attorney.

Trusts Offer Advanced Planning And Protection

There are many types of trusts that serve specific purposes – whether during the creator’s lifetime, after their lifetime or both. Our dedicated team can help you find the appropriate type of trust to match your financial and legal goals.

While there are numerous varieties of trusts, a few common types include:

  • Asset protection trusts, which may shield your property from legal liability and creditors
  • Minor’s trusts, which protect inheritance until a minor child becomes of age
  • Special needs trusts and elder care trusts, which give you tools to provide for medical care
  • Spendthrift trusts, which allow you to support a loved one who may not be able to manage assets effectively
  • Charitable trusts, which can enable donating assets according to a set of custom rules

Our capable, experienced attorneys have developed a strong reputation for creating complex solutions for our clients’ needs. Trusts, paired with other estate planning methods, may offer specific advantages for you.

Get A Comprehensive Estate Planning Assessment

Because everyone’s needs and wishes differ, it is important to have a customized estate plan consultation with an attorney. Berry & McGehee Law Firm provides guidance based on decades of experience. Email our firm or call 270-793-9300 to contact our Bowling Green lawyers.